Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 3

This is just a quick recap of how I felt about this last season of The Walking Dead.  I wanted to write reviews for each episode but it got away from me so I only did a few.  I plan on spending more time on my Mad Men reviews. What can I say? AMC has me hooked on Sunday nights.

As I look at this picture of the cast it makes me miss T-Dog. Even though his character didn't get much of an arc (we never even knew his last name!) he was still hard to watch die.  There were some fans of the books who thought that the T stood for Tyreese but that's just one more way that Robert Kirkman is taking the show a different direction. I have only read a few volumes but I know that in the graphic novels the Gov gets to torture and rape Michonne so I'm glad we didn't have to see that. It's almost as if Kirkman gets to make a new story for his same characters and I can see that he's having fun with it.  I've heard him interviewed on a few podcasts (the Nerdist and Doug Loves Movies podcasts stand out) and he's a funny guy but he's also kind of a dick.  I'm sure that this show is his baby though because it has lost more than one show runner due to "creative differences".

I miss Merle but mostly for his bad ass one-liners. I'm glad we got to see more of him this season but I hate the way he got the most screen time in the episode that he dies in. I would have liked to get to know him longer but his death is what I think is going to change Daryl. When he made the choice to stay with his brother even though he was quite an asshole, it really affected Rick. It was almost like it brought up unresolved feelings that Rick has regarding Shane. Merle is dangerous but Daryl won't leave him behind. Shane was dangerous and like a brother to Rick but he couldn't live in a world (even a post apocalyptic one) where his wife and best friend could be having a child together. Oh well maybe we'll get to see the Dixon brothers together in a flashback or fever dream.

I don't really miss Lori or Andrea. They were both weak and made decisions that made me roll my eyes or yell at the TV.  I thought Lori's death was important to show and was shot really well.  
Andrea just needed to die.  I'm glad Michonne got to be there and hopefully get a little closure. 

I was very happy that in episode 3:12-Clear we got to find out what happened to Morgan.  It just sucked that he ended up being bat shit crazy. They seem to be making a big deal out of Milton's tea when we first get to Woodbury in episode 3:03-Walk With Me and then it's never explained or even brought up again. I think my favorite thing this season was Michonne's "Walker-Gram" warning Merle to "GO BACK".  I'm getting a little sick of Maggie and Glenn but at least his proposal didn't make me want to gag too much.  Except the fact that he cut the ring off of a walker's hand. Gross Glenn, you couldn't have looted a jewelry store?


  1. Great observations. Reading this made me realize that Season 3 as a whole was actually quite a bit more memorable than I felt it was as I watched - the ending notwithstanding.

    Merle was a character that I think they did an amazing job of fleshing out. They make him someone that you just absolutely hate and want to see die in some bad way, but by the end of his arc, you're actually upset to see his final scene. Bravo.

    As a side note, either some flashbacks or possibly some webisodes showing some of the poignant points of Daryl and Merle's previous life would be very welcome.

    Very much agreed about Andrea as well. She's a much stronger character in the comics and I think that the show writers realized that she was working so well in the show - probably due to the changes they made regarding the Gov. Good call on their part to off her. That graphic you have above there is a pretty solid sentiment with regard to Andrea. Even looking at it now, I'm getting a bit of satisfaction :p

    Anyway, as usual, very nice having an outlet to discuss my favorite show - even if we seem to be the only ones on this entire site that are interested in talking about it. If only I watched Mad Men, I would join you on that as well. Maybe someday :)

    1. Also, I'm a dope. I just realized that this is on your blog rather than on the Node - where I normally reply to your posts. So just some context regarding my last couple sentences so I don't sound completely psychotic.