Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Planter From Trash

I'm always looking for ways to not throw anything away. I also love to have things growing in my window year round but that means smaller planters that will fit on the narrow ledge. I was going to use this covered shampoo bottle as a vase but decided on a planter instead.

After cutting off the top I gave it a good wash. I covered it in contact paper and poked drainage holes in the bottom. After planting I'm glad I left the bottle tall so it gets more sun in the window.

It looks cute in the window with a little dinosaur for charm.


Why wait for Easter when you can color eggs all year round? When we have hard boiled eggs we usually turn them into eatable arts and craft treats with vinegar and food coloring.
I made this one in honor of Valentine's Day.

Then snack on Deviled Eggs with Homemade Pickles... 

To end this very egg-filled week I made my very first Quiche Lorraine!