Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Upcycle

Every year we look forward to making Halloween decorations and even though this year it seemed to sneak up on us we were able to make a few.

Cans as candle holders is nothing new but these pumpkin faces were very easy to make and required nothing I didn't already have in the garage. After washing cans and removing labels I spray painted the cans orange. Then using black duct tape we made the faces. The bat candle can was left over from Halloweens past; it is covered with a spooky printable that I believe I got off the Martha Stewart's website. These were fast and fun and most important:  FREE!

This Zipper Face costume was scary and easy to do.

First I marked where I wanted the zipper and used eyelash glue to attach it to the face. Then using Halloween makeup I painted the face white and eyes black. The red gooey stuff was going to be food color and cornstarch but I had neither of those things so it ended up being red kool-aide mixed with water and a little flour. We didn't leave this on for a long time because it's unclear if the kool-aide will dye the skin. (I know it's used on hair sometimes for that purpose)

**Big Thanks to my model Meghan **

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