Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Walking Dead - Say The Word 3:05

Say the Word

After the last episode I was hoping for a pallet cleanser to get Lori’s death speech out of my mind. We open this one with Woodbury and people enjoying festivities. Cold drinks are just another thing we take for granted in out pre-apocalyptic world. It brings me back to the hot shower scenes that book ended the first season. (Episode one with Rick and Morgan in the police station and Episode six at the CDC) Milton says to Andrea that “Mere word can not antiquely describe the festivities ahead”. This I find interesting that he clearly does not approve, nor does he think it’s a good use of the generators for ice and he voices his feelings to Andrea. He is really a complex character that we are clearly not supposed to like very much. His experiment is something of great curiosity and I think it has something to do with his tea that they mention several times just in case we the audience didn't pick up on it as important.  Something that keeps nagging my brain is when the Gov and his crew were bringing Andrea and Michone back to Woodbury he radioed ahead to Milton telling him that he’s bringing him “homework” that turned out to be the pet walkers. When the Gov says he’s also bringing back women Milton’s voice was just a little too excited to me. At first I thought that the Gov just wanted women to repopulate then it occurred to me that it’s possible that he thinks they are less of a threat and that’s why he killed all the army dudes without even giving them a chance to become part of his little town. It’s Milton’s excitement that makes me think that possibly he’s using women in his experiment. Maybe using stem cells to search for a cure?

I had a very strong feeling that we were going to run into the Governors’ undead daughter some time this season based on the picture we've seen and his wall of creepy heads in tanks. He seems like the kind of guy to have many more secretes for us to discover.

It’s no surprise that Daryl became the group’s leader when Rick takes his little trip to crazy town. He’s been Rick’s second in command now that Shane is out of the picture and you can really tell that he’s invested in these people. His friendship with Carol wasn't the only thing keeping him with the group. The way he holds the baby and feeds her showed a softer side to him and he’s definitely in the lead as far as my favorite character award. He’s able to be a bad ass without looking like a dumb hick (yes, I’m talking about you Meryl) and his character is by far the most interesting.  When he and Maggie go to the daycare center I had to watch between my fingers with my hands over my eyes. I didn't really want to see any walker kids or babies. Other than Sophia, Penny and the little girl in the opening shot of the series we haven’t had to see much of that. Daryl isn't the only one that was happy to see that possum in the cupboard.

When the Gov tells Andrea that Michone killed captive biters and she asks why he has them in the first place, he says that he’s not going to get into it but really all he had to say was, “ Didn't you guys have two on a leash when we found you?” That probably would have shut her up. When Michone and Andrea have their brake up scene the best part is when she stated that Andrea was only slowing her down. This hurts the most because it’s so true.

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