Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Walking Dead - The Killer Within 3:04

The Killer Within

This was a really powerful episode. I still haven’t been able to watch it twice. I like to review each episode before watching the next but this one was just too emotional. I knew we were going to loose people when the episode started with joy. Maggie and Glenn being together in the watch tower, Hershel walking around… it was too good to be true and this is a group that doesn't get happy, peaceful moments unless there is something horrible right around the corner. When Glenn says “Aww man, can’t we have just one good day?”  I just knew… then during Lori’s goodbye to Carl I just cried. I have a ten year old son and it just hit too close to home. What would I say if I were in her shoes?  I know a lot of the fans of the show didn't like Lori and so there wasn't much of a connection with her character but at that moment when she looks up and says “Goodnight Love” it was just so hard not to forgive her for the last two seasons.

Now that we know that Andrew wasn't eaten by walkers, it makes me think that Carol is still alive. It sets up the premise that if we don’t see you get bit and turn then you’re probably alive somewhere. Plus what a waste of a main character to take her out now and not show it. I was sad to see T-Dog leave the group but he didn't have much of a story line so I’m not surprised. So now we've lost two and gained two in Axle and Oscar. Axle wants to prove himself by using his mechanical skills but I have a feeling that Oscar is going to be the one the group values. The way he didn't beg for his life shows that the writers can give him a back story and hopefully more of a character arc than T-Dog got.

At the end when you see Rick break down it was so emotional and powerful and raw. The performances in this show are amazing. The kid playing Carl (Chandler I think his name is) has had some scenes that really show that he is just as good of an actor as the adults around him. I hope to see more of what he can do. 

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