Thursday, September 20, 2012

Okay. . . . Okay . . .

There are times in a person's life that make them think that it's time to start a blog. For me that time is now. I have spent time writing little things for websites and sharing my (many) opinions in chat room and forums, but other than that old Myspace account that sits there waiting for me to return and update it's never ending screens of pictures and Mobwars invites, I have yet to divide the interwebs into my own little corner of crazy. Sure I have a facebook page (so do all humanity) and I'm a member of the Nerdest community The Node and I have a Tumbler and Twitter account, but I have not started and really took the time to write a Blog.
Yesterday a friend of mine was looking for a distraction from her life so she posted as her facebook status that she was awake early and did anyone want to go to breakfast. I (also being up early and like to eat breakfast) responded and she headed on over. There's nothing I needed more than a little conversation over hash-browns. She ended up hanging out longer than just breakfast and we rubbed elbows with the elderly at the local thrift store and my ten year old son got to show her all the wonderful things we have growing in our garden. It was in the middle of this friend-date that I was trying to justify my unhealthy compulsions of not being able to throw anything away by showing her all the crafty things I make with the things that everyone else just tosses, that she said "Why don't you have a Blog?"  My reply was that I'm to busy not throwing things away to blog about it.
This not being the first time that I've been asked this question, I had my snappy answer ready for the draw but the real reason that I've started and never kept up a blog wasn't because I didn't have anything to blog about but more that I didn't want to worry about who is reading my blog. I thought I would have to start a separate blog for each one of my interests for anyone who stumbles across it to really be able to be engaged enough to keep reading. Then I came to the conclusion that I'm not writing a book that I need to market to 28-40 year olds. I can write without wondering who is reading and if they enjoy, that is after all what everyone else is doing online. If the internet had a constitution then there would be an article that says:
thou shall post of freewill and never ending comments . . .  
Okay maybe that's more like a commandment then something in a constitution.

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