Friday, September 21, 2012

ON A (sushi) ROLL

The fine art of making sushi is something that can take years to master but I tried it anyway. A friend just went on a fishing trip and brought back huge fresh fish. He gave us three big pieces of yellowtail, otherwise known as Hamachi. The first night was messy (especially after that first bottle of Sake).  I had the nori sheets wrong and when I cut the roll it just fell apart but it tasted good so I carried on.

On night two we made long rolls, hand rolls and Nigiri and they turned out great!
Most of the rolls had Hamachi, crab, shrimp, avocado and green onions... so good...

Big Dead Fish (not to be confused with Reel Big Fish)
Watching Ryan hack this guy up was pretty cool. He had two whole bait fish in his belly and there was enough blood for a horror movie. This picture doesn't make the fish look that big until you notice that it's on two full size cutting boards.

Most of my sushi experience has been just eating it and then asking the chef what it was I ate and why was it so good. I got one book and went to these sites: Make My Sushi and Eat Sushi

The book had chapters about how the basic elements of Japanese cuisine are less in quantity and excellent in quality. It focused on things like elegant presentation and using the freshest ingredients.

We ended up doing tempura with our sushi (on night three) and fried one of these long rolls, it was yummy!
This post is making me hungry...

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