Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Party

For a Halloween party we attended this past weekend we dressed as the Monster Frankenstein, Bride Of  Frankenstein and Igor. It took longer than an hour to tease/spray my hair into the solid  mass on my head that is still not completely gone days later. The side white strip was done with powder sugar and a stencil. (Shout Out to Beth for doing an amazing job and for being genuinely excited to take on the challenge!)  The screws on Dan's neck are made of corks and a wire hanger. It was overall very easy to make and fun to wear. I had a white sheet ready to be cut up and used as my gown but after my hair took so long we just got straight to partying. The pictures are a little dark because there was a fog machine going.

Tobyn as Igor
Our hosts also made ice shot glasses and got a bottle of Absinthe... A Happy Pre-Halloween was had by all!

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