Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Craft Project

I have only been using spray paint for a short time but now everything I see I can picture it a different color in my mind. I've seen variations of this project on Pinterest and I had all the materials and supplies so I gave it a  go. I point out my inexperience with the spray paint because I didn't shake the blue paint up enough so the paint was uneven and dried in little blobs. The frog figure turned out to not be plastic so the paint didn't dry on him at all. The next time I make these I would probably use a stronger glue, I just had my hot glue gun handy. Overall I think they are very cute and I learned a lot. I have already given a few filled with salsa away to friends and they have all requested custom ones.
Learn from my mistakes! Shake that spray paint can!

Finished Project

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