Friday, May 17, 2013

Mad Men 6:01 & 02 The Doorway Peggy Olsen

The last time we saw Peggy she was on her very first business trip. It was her first time riding in an airplane and I’d be willing to bet that is was the first time she looked out of her hotel window only to see two dogs doing it, well, doggie style.

The first time we see Peggy in 1968 she is being a problem solver. Bert Peterson is back and he is a widower now and we find out that he’s in accounts at CGC. I’m not sure we really needed to see his belly button but how dignified can we really expect the man to be?  Peggy tries to call Ted but she really knows how to solve the problem and even make the ad better than it was before. She is not, however, good at being the boss. She’s just as belittling as Don was toward her and it can be seen differently coming from a woman. Her Jr copy writers don’t like her but she thinks that this is how a boss acts because she was pushed and had to stay late and worked her butt off and she’s not going to expect less from the people around her.  She handles the unhappy client with grace and then gets to work on a super bowl ad that pleases her boss. She has come so far from the little girl who was afraid to cut her hair.

We see her using some of Don’s tricks by writing the letter to a pretend person and the shots of her staring off look a lot like Don’s thinking face. I like to see her with Abe (even though it took me forever to remember his name) and I think they make a good couple. I also like that she’s still in touch with Stan and gets to hear all of the SDCP gossip. I thought it was great that he’s on the phone and can hear her make her ‘fix it’ pitch at the end. It really made me think that she did need to leave in order to see if she was just as good without Don as she was under his wing. The scene when she quit last season was so well done by both Jon Hamn and Elizabeth Moss but they always have good scenes together. I do hope we get to see Peggy’s mother again, she’s so funny to watch. And Father Gill, they should bring him back as well! 

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