Monday, May 6, 2013

Mad Men 6:01 & 6:02 The Doorway Betty Francis

As for Betty Francis we open this season to find that she is still trying to reduce and therefore passes up the shared candy at the ballet. Then we see her get a ticket in one of my favorite Grandma Pauline scenes ever. Trying to name drop to a cop in NY isn't the best idea but they way she gets so pissed about it is great. Then she gets very dramatic and says that she “can’t imagine how things could get any darker than this.”  To which Sally’s friend Sandy replies “my mom’s dead,” and the three girls giggled like, well little girls. This shows us how truly immature Betty still is and how much more grown up Sally is becoming.

Sally says in the car that she “hates cops.” How much interaction has she had with cops? Is it all from watching TV and seeing the news or are we going to find out that Sally has grown up faster than we thought. It also killed me watching her be so mean to Bobby. She used to be so sweet and I know her example of how to act is Evil Betty but she was just so… so…. teenager.  I think her story line is going to get more adult as she grows and I’m so glad they kept the same actress when we've have so many kids play Bobby. Kiernan Shipka is such a great little actress.
The interaction between Betty and Sandy is a great Betty scene. The bond that she has with this girl and wanting to see herself in her, made the dialogue more meaningful.  It isn't often that Evil Betty says things like “it makes me feel so much.” As if being cold is something she just got used to.  When she was describing rape to Henry in bed, I was reminded how shocking the things she says are. Why shouldn't Sally grow up being mean when Betty once told her she was going to cut her fingers off? Getting advice from Betty Francis is not the mothering that this girl needs. Plus Sandy is 15, smokes cigarettes, uses tampons and plays the violin; she’ll be fine on the streets.

After seeing the dirt and filth of the city through Betty’s privileged eyes, it made me feel sorry for her that she really hasn't had many life experiences. I wonder if she felt the same and that’s why she went dark with her hair. It’s a safe way to walk in another woman’s shoes for a while and still go back to being her. Or is this the real her and the Betty from a bottle is gone; after one talk with a street kid? I think Betty’s selfishness trumps progress any day but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe being a few sizes bigger than she’s used to is helping her to be less shallow. Maybe it’s Henry’s influence, how he puts up with her I don’t know.

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