Thursday, May 30, 2013

Making a Pinata

Homemade pinatas are easy and fun to make. I started making them because I thought it was crazy to pay money for something that is just going to be destroyed. I just made one for a BBQ to celebrate my friends's son Dylan's graduation from kindergarten, so I made it a letter D. I started by cutting the shape from cardboard. Then I taped the cardboard together to form the shape in 3D. In order to mold the cardboard takes patience and a bit of practice. This cardboard I used is a funny color because I was spray painting and had used it as my drop cloth.

Then once the shape is done, I used Mod Podge to paper mache some newspaper strips to add strength. 
Then I cut some tissue paper in strips with tassels and used a glue stick to add them to the outside of the pinata. 
This doesn't take that much time because it really doesn't have to be perfect. If some of the newspaper shows through or the tissue paper doesn't line up then it just looks that much more homemade. When the pinata is dry then I cut a hole in the top for candy and a small slit for the hanger. I used a wire hanger and bent it to form a hook and two barbs that will hold it in place. 
Then I added a bit of glue to make sure that it held together. 

Fill it with candy or whatever else you want to scatter when it gets hit. I've made these in the shape of a letter T for my son's birthday but I think pinatas should be a part of every party!

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